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We don’t want to make you jump through hoops to find out how affordable Toucan’s sales enablement solutions are for your business. Here we’ve outlined the monthly fees for our products, and some information on our implementation costs.

Toucan Sales Analytics

Pricing explained

With Toucan Sales Analytics, our monthly fees are primarily based on user counts, ensuring a scalable and customisable pricing structure. Additionally, we offer a small number of add-on features at a flat fee, regardless of user count, providing you with the flexibility to tailor your package according to your specific needs.

We understand the value of seamless integration between Toucan Sales Analytics and Toucan Sales App. If you utilise both solutions, we are delighted to offer significantly reduced monthly fees for Toucan Sales Analytics, allowing you to maximise the benefits of our comprehensive sales enablement suite.

We also prioritise your satisfaction and flexibility. That’s why we never charge any fees to add or reduce user counts at any time. Experience the freedom to adapt and optimise your user count without any additional charges with Toucan Sales Analytics.

Licence Types Fee per user per month
Sales Analytics Platform (including 1 Manager User) £90
Field/Internal Sales User £40
Manager User (Full Access) £60
Dashboard Developer User £90
Additional Features Fee per month
Territory Management (Mapping) £50
Email Integration £50

Toucan Sales App

Pricing explained

With Toucan Sales App, our monthly fees are solely based on your user counts, ensuring a fair and transparent pricing structure. We believe in flexibility, which is why we don’t charge any fees to add or reduce user counts at any time. You have the freedom to scale your user counts as your business needs evolve, without incurring any additional charges. Enjoy the flexibility and cost-effectiveness of Toucan Sales App, tailored to accommodate your changing requirements without any hidden fees.

Licence Types Fee per user per month
Full User Licence £49
Reduced Usage User Licence £25
Occasional User Licence (i.e. a few events per year) £10


Pricing explained

We would love to provide you with estimated costings for an implementation, however each implementation project is unique, and therefore, we cannot provide a one-size-fits-all cost estimate. The nature of our projects varies due to the diverse range of software packages used by businesses and the potential complexities arising from multiple platforms.

Rest assured, we price our services competitively and aim to eliminate surprises. Once we have concluded the project scoping phase at no cost, we provide fixed quotes, ensuring transparency and clarity throughout the process. We want to deliver solutions that meet your specific needs without any unexpected costs.

Contact us today, and our team will be more than happy to start working on a personalised quote tailored to your project requirements. Let’s embark on this journey together and create a successful implementation that aligns perfectly with your business goals.

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