Toucan Sales Analytics

Unleash Sales Power with Intelligent Analytics

Experience the true potential of your sales force with our cutting-edge analytics solution. Empowering your team with key intelligence, we enable a seamless, customer-centric experience that drives sales growth effortlessly.

A new solution to old problems

Our solution tackles age-old challenges head-on. To improve customer relations and increase sales, it’s crucial to equip your sales force with deep insights into client needs and buying patterns. That’s where Toucan Sales Analytics comes in, meticulously developed in collaboration with B2B companies to meet this exact objective.

Going further than simply reporting on historic performance, our solution highlights areas with opportunities and providing calls to action to fuel effortless customer service. Taking the leg work out of routine sales management tasks – Toucan Sales Analytics streamlines individual performance tracking, time management, and priority setting. Empower your teams to sell smarter, and reap the rewards of selling more.

Intelligent Account Management

Gain valuable insights into your customers’ buying patterns, displayed in simple one-click formats, saving you precious time in sales call preparation. Quickly identify what your customers buy, when they buy it, and uncover opportunities to promote product lines that resonate with their needs.

Interaction Tracking and Scheduling

Account managers and internal sales teams can efficiently record and organise key information on their customer visits, calls, and emails. Experience more informed sales calls as you seamlessly access a comprehensive view of your interactions with each customer.

Advanced Territory Management

Keep on top of your customers by visualising your territory. Powered by a range of filters including customer attributes, interaction statuses, and ordering history, Toucan Sales Analytics maps out your customer search results, along with customer trading summaries, giving you complete oversight of where to focus your attention and prioritise your time.

Overdue Order Alerts

Don’t let potential sales slip away. Toucan Sales Analytics keeps you on top of your territories with proactive calls to action regarding customers deviating from their regular buying patterns.

Metric and Performance Reporting

Toucan Sales Analytics features a comprehensive range of easily digestible key sales metrics, making performance management of teams and individuals an effortless task.

Feature List



Schedule and record visits, calls, and emails. Manage sales force activity via interaction reports


Territory Management

Visually manage your patch with powerful filters and trading summaries


Personal Analytics

Easily track and monitor sales performance and identify areas for opportunities


Lead Management

Efficiently manage leads to expand your customer base


Performance Reports

Monitor sales and interactions against


Stock Reports

Rapidly check stock levels, quantities on purchase order, and due dates


Customer Profiles

View sales and transaction info, buying patterns, opportunities, and customer interactions


Integrated Emailing

Enrich communication history by emailing directly from Toucan


Customer Matrix

All of your key customer metrics in one easy to digest table, aiding portfolio oversight



Build bespoke reports, dashboards and charts to review business specific metrics


Back-Order Reports

Instant access to orders with outstanding lines to service customers enquiries


Advanced Reporting

Customisable tables for swift analysis of customer and product sales history to suit your requirements

And more...

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What is Toucan Sales Analytics?

Toucan Sales Analytics is a powerful software solution that processes your sales and customer data, providing you with actionable insights to drive increased sales and enhance customer satisfaction. Your data is updated daily to ensure the latest information is available to all users. Our intuitive platform presents your data in a comprehensive range of interactive reports, tables, and features, all tailored to empower you with the tools you need to make informed decisions and achieve remarkable results.

Is Toucan Sales Analytics suitable for my business?

If you work in a B2B environment, selling products to your customer base, then Toucan Sales Analytics will work for you. Whether you have a small team of 5 or a larger team of 500, our solution is built to provide you with the necessary oversight and insights to increase sales.

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Streamlined, Effortless Selling, Anywhere, Anytime. Empower your sales force by enabling digital product and brand presentations, swift order processing, and seamless account management on the go. It’s time to embrace a new level of efficiency and empower your sales team with the Toucan Sales App.